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NUIC Cultural Exchange with San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila, Philippines

As a part of NUIC’s aspiration to promote teaching and learning of students and to produce highly competitive graduates, a cultural exchange program with San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila, Philippines was organized on June 1 – 14, 2017. NUIC likewise believes that this program will assists students to develop positive relationships with others, understand a broader range of perspectives, and develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in multicultural society.

There were ten students and two lecturers from the Philippines who attended the program. Each Filipino student was assigned Thai buddies. Interesting cultural activities were joined upon by the students such as, Thai culture class, Thai cooking, Thai boxing, Thai music, Thai dancing, historical routing in Phitsanulok City and Sukhothai Historical Park, cultural awareness activities in Natochan Homestay in Sukhothai, a day with elephants in Sappraiwan, Phitsanulok and the finale activity – the cultural night. During the cultural night, the students from Thailand and the Philippines showcased their respective cultures and what they learnt for two weeks through dance, music, food and other activities.

The Director of NUIC, Mr. Prinya Panthong opened and concluded the program. Special thanks to the NUIC Academic Affairs and all the supporting staff for organizing the activities, as well as the two lecturers from the Philippines, Dr. Rachelle Franco and Dr. Cristy Tanedo.

The cultural exchange program was indeed a great success for NUIC. In July 2017, NUIC students will go to San Sebastian to experience the culture in the Philippines.

As the slogan of NUIC goes: “From Here You Can Go Anywhere” and to San Sebastian, “Bravo Baste!”