Academic Service: Enhancement of Employment Process Workshop at the Ministry of Labor, Phitsanulok

NUIC is committed not only in producing graduates with marketable skills, but at the same time developing and helping the community through its academic services. As such on November 3, 2018, a whole day academic service was organized under the supervision of Dr. Eugenia A. Boa, which was integrated in her course Employment Laws and Industrial Relations. The project was organized at the Ministry of Labor in Phitsanulok Provincial Office, specifically at the Work Permit and Social Security departments. There were 37 participants from the two departments and 21 Human Resource Management students who participated in the project. The main theme of the project was the enhancement of employment process in the two offices mentioned. The main topics covered in the workshop were about the work permit, social security, workmen’s compensation and Basic English conversation.

 The participants were very thankful for the project and the opportunity to have this kind of collaboration with NU International College. The project was successfully concluded and hoping that this initial project will open doors to more projects for NUIC and the provincial office.

 At NUIC, we believe that nothing is over until we stop trying.