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Speech and Reading Clinic
For every NUIC students


  1. To help students to improve their pronunciation in English by (1) identifying pronunciation problems and (2) do remedial work with them so they can recognize their problem(s) and understand how to improve their pronunciation with practice drills;
  2. To help students read better; that is, more efficiently with good comprehension.


Manager: Assoc. Prof. Mary Sarawit, PhD.

Program Time:  Every Thursday at 1.00 – 4.00 pm.

Location: NUIC Reading Room.

Register Now @ Khun Kung, NUIC librarian. (Tel : 055-968539)


The speech program may require just one session or up to 6 sessions while the reading program
may require half semester or the whole semester. It depends on your own performance and your AIMS.

It is worth trying as the program really can help you to improve your pronunciation and reading ability.