University Dormitories





Naresuan University provides low-cost dormitories for all freshmen* with separatedormitories for the men and the women. For NUIC students, the female dormitory is Building No. 15 and the male dormitory is Building No. 14.

Each room is arranged to accommodate four people at a cost of 15,600 Baht per person per year for NUIC students, this excludes electricity. The dormitory rooms for NUIC students are available all year including the long summer break.

Each rooms is fully furnished, containing 4 beds, 4 tables and 4 chairs, 4 wardrobes, a bathroom and a separate toilet, each room has its own air conditioning unit. Bed linen must be purchased from the dormitory office at the commencement of semester 1 (Bht 600 ).

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Facilities within the dormitory building

Internet (Wi-Fi), a reading room, TV room, laundry, weight scale, and a mobile phone card top up vending machine, all dormitories have 24 hour security.


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The University dormitories are situated within the university in a great location only a few minutes’ walk to banks, convenient stores, food stalls, and the bus stations.

* It is the university policy that all freshmen must stay at the university dormitories.

For more information, please phone +66 55 961286 ( a direct line to N.U DORM) or contact the NUIC Office of Academic Affairs at +66 55 968585 or