Name-Surname Date and Time  Position  Delail of Repair Item(s)  Status Update  Detail of Status Update
Christopher J. Cook 2019-02-07 / 14:46 Faculty member อาจารย์ Air conditioner not cold Completed
Mu Yanhong 2019-01-11 / 11:52 Faculty member อาจารย์ The lectuerer's chair is getting broken. It always shakes. Completed
Mu Yanhong 2019-01-03 / 16:13 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. The watch on the wall was running out of battery.2. The projector is NOT CLEAR in Room 217. Completed
Lorenzo Garon 2019-01-03 / 10:54 Faculty member อาจารย์ 3 sets of lights is not working Completed