Congratulations to Dr.Oleg Shovkvyy

Congratulations to  Dr.Oleg Shovkvyy  who received “Best Paper Award” from the11th ASEAN+ 9 International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Innovation (The online and real-time conference) on July 9, 2020.

MOUs between NUIC and Thatong Sub-district Municipality

On the 3rd of July 2020, Dr.Supichaya Meesad, the Director of NUIC together with Academic Services Committee went to Thatong Sub-district Municipality to discuss about MOUs between NUIC and Thatong as well as future collaborations to arrange academic service projects to Thatong community. In this meeting, Mr.Paisan Nualtim and his team warmly welcomed us and shared community’s interest to NUIC.

A live session about the life in the university dormitory

On the 15th of June, 2020, Student Affairs Unit held a live session about life in the university dormitory via NUIC facebook page. This event was supervised by Aj.Rachatwan Limkanchanapa, the Deputy Director for Academic and Students Affairs together with Aj.Saranporn Kirdkoh, the Deputy Director for Administration. Facebook is one of the most frequently used online platform by people to communicate with each other, including NUIC students. Hence, NUIC thought that it was a good idea to talk with students about moving from home to the dormitory, how to adapt themselves with new friends and environment. In this event, there was also an experience sharing session from seniors to freshmen on their past experiences on how to cope with changes.

Faculty members’ meeting for 1/2020 academic year

On the 18th of June, 2020, NUIC held Faculty members’ meeting in the occasion of the beginning of new semester with a new normal approach due to Covid-19. This was held regularly every semester to talk with all faculty members in matters relating to teaching and learning and how to organize activities for students to improve their academic activities. Foreign and Thai lecturers attended the meeting together with the social distancing policy at NUIC 309. This is how NUIC prepared ourselves for a new change.