HR Club Relief Mission to Flooding Victims in Phitsanulok

  HR Club Relief Mission to Flooding Victims in Phitsanulok In the aftermath of torrential rain in Phitsanulok, residents from Wangthong and other areas of the province experienced severe flooding. The NUIC-HR Club organized a mission on September 5, 2019 to extend help to the people in the areas affected by flooding. The club contacted the local government unit to get information on which area/s needed the most help. The local government unit also informed that the people needed instant food, water and mosquito repellants. The HR Club immediately gathered things for the flooding victims. With the help of NUIC administrators, staff and students, the club concluded the relief mission successfully. The club donated water, canned goods, candles and noodles. Mr. Pakorn Meetieng (HR Club President) and Dr. Eugenia A. Boa (HR Club Advisor) headed the relief mission.

NUIC Pre-cooperative education training

NUIC Pre-cooperative education training As NUIC would like NUIC 4th year students to be ready for their cooperative education, NUIC arranged Pre-cooperative education training. The students would gain the significant knowledge and experiences necessary for their future cooperative education training. 115 NUIC 4th year students including Human Resources Management major, International Tourism and Hospitality Management major, International Business Management major, and English for Business Communication major. The sessions were lectured under these following topics: “Creating positive thinking and be ready for work” By Mr. Chon Neville และ Mr.Andris Adhitra “Creativity for report content writing, media design, and presentation skills” By Miss Chayanee Suechaicharoen “Creating the understanding of responsibility and duty during cooperative education training period” By Miss Pirakorn Seekem “Communication skill to enhance working efficiency” By Mrs. Porngam liamsiriwatana “Technique for Resume writing and job interview” By Miss Sopit Jenpradab “Creative thinking and innovation” By Miss Saranporn Kirdkoh “Cooperative Education procedures and projects” By Miss Nongnuch Boonklum “Ethics, Adaptation, Collaboration” By Dr.Eugenia A. Boa