International Business Management ~ Cultural Preservation Project “Sukhothai Historical Park and Ramkhamhaeng National Museum”

  On August 23, 2019 Dr. Supichaya Meesad and Ms. Ms. Jutamas Aumtes together with the 2nd year International Business Management students visited Sukhothai Historical Park and Ramkhamhaeng National Museum. This field trip was a part of IBM Thai Cultural Preservation project. The historical park and museum have different types of cultural heritages such as antiques and artifacts as well as inherit Thai cultural, traditional, and lifestyle custom. Moreover, Ramkhamhaeng National Museum also shows exhibition related to original Thai alphabets and characters, which were the origins of the Thai language. By understanding the root of the language and culture, the students would be able to appreciate more of culture and recognize the value of Thai lifestyle and culture in the past. Therefore, the students should be able to gain more knowledge and be able to apply their understanding of intercultural communication. In addition, the students were asked to make VDOs presentations and present in the class to represent their knowledge and understanding regarding the purpose of this project. Here are the two best VDOs that have highest scores from the evaluation of the lecturers and their classmates. Group 1: Members: Miss NUTTAYA BOONKONGMA Miss PENPICHA PHUMPRACHIAN Miss WASUKAN YODPAN MR. KEVIN LUEDECKE Ms. ASIA PETERS Group 5: Members: Miss KAMMALANON PHAIPHARD Miss KAMJIRA KHAMPANANG Miss NAPATSORN PENGSRI Miss SUPAWAN SIRIWAT Miss SUCHADA THAMLAIAT