English Training and Development Support Program

Community Services, through Academic project program as part of the realization of the curriculum implementation and as required by the QA, was implemented under the Academic Service community project by Aj. Lorenzo Garin with the subject integration of Principles of Smart Human Resource Management-902354 at Watkrungsi Jalern School Bangkrathum, Phitsanulon on February 25, 2019 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The whole day activities was successfully implemented with the active participation of 59 participants from the grade four to grade six students of the said school, and with the full support of the school teachers headed by the school director Mr. Paithool Phikulngoen. The project was longed planned and organized by the 21 HRM 3rd year students as part of the requirements of the subject and supported by Aj. Jaturaporn Juntarangsu.

The objectives of the English Training and Development project at Wat Krungsijalern School, Phitsanulok are as follows; to develop English skills of grade four to grade six students at Wat Krungsijalern School, Phitsanulok, to help students gain more confidence to use English, to increase the staff team work, experience of management, leadership skill, and training and development as involve in the Principles of Smart Human Resource Training subject, to do good things for society around Naresuan University as a corporate social responsibility from Human Resource Management students in the Principles of Smart Human Resource Training subject at Naresuan University International College.

Indeed the project was really helpful to the community, and the director of the school requested to do the same project.