Nakhonthai Crown Prince Hospital The 8th of April 2020

28 years old male who was working at the construction site in Bangkok, Jaransanitwong Road and came back to Nakhonthai, Phitsanulok after the site was shut down.
March 31 Got a fever, and other symptoms were found. (lived on the construction site)
April 4 Got a low fever, felt discomfort and malaise, had a sore throat
April 5 Traveled back alone from Bangkok to Phitsanulok by his own car and lived in the cabin in his field
April 6 Went to see the doctor at Noenperm Sub-District
April 7 Went to see the doctor at ARI Clinic, Nakhonthai Crown Prince Hospital
April 8 Covid-19 was detected
The patient is now admitted at Nakhonthai Crown Prince Hospital and will be referred to Bhuddachinnaraj Hospital later.