NUIC Announcement on measures to prevent Covid-19 outbreak dated the 11th of April 2021

Regarding the announcement of Phitsanulok Governor and Naresuan University on measures preventing COVID-19, NUIC would like to announce the measures as follows:

  1. NUIC will be temporarily closed from the 16th to 30th of April 2021. Faculty members and supporting staff shall work from home.

No one is allowed to come to the office unless permission from the Director of NUIC is bestowed. In case of a reasonable ground, a memo requesting permission shall be submitted two days in advance via Microsoft Teams or email to This applies to faculty members, supporting staff, and students.

  1. During the closure of NUIC, we will operate via Microsoft Teams. Hence, everyone is required to work remotely through the aforementioned tool and keep yourself updated.
  1. Online teaching will be conducted through Microsoft Teams between the 16th to 30th of April 2021. The lecturers are required to set up MT room under the name “summer/20 course code+name of the course” and add as a member. If you have any problem setting up MT classroom, please contact Aj Saranporn Kirdkoh (Chat). All faculty members are required to teach according to the scheduled timetable. NUIC reserves the right to monitor and reimburse remuneration based on the actual hours of teaching.