About Us

History of NUIC

Naresuan University International College (NUIC) was established by the Council of Naresuan University at its’ 94th meeting, on January 13, 2001, with a view to enhancing the effectiveness and reputation of Naresuan University as an international center for learning.

The establishment of NUIC was in response to the need for Naresuan University to better position itself internationally. As a young, dynamic, and vibrant tertiary education institution, Naresuan University has set as its’ goal the provision of high quality education to our students and a move towards prominence and innovation in its educational endeavors.

Several developments led to the establishment of the International College. In 1997, the Language Centre was formed, as a joint undertaking with the University of Newcastle (UK), as part of an effort to improve the English proficiency of the staff and students, as well as to provide language instruction to the general public. After the Language Centre was founded, academic collaboration with foreign universities was established. For example, in 2000, a dual degree program (M.A. in International Tourism and Hotel Management) was offered in partnership with Southern Cross University. Furthermore, international MBA and DBA programs, also in partnership with Southern Cross University, were envisioned.

Apart from partnership programs with universities overseas, several international programs offered have been developed and instituted by various faculties within the university. Such programs include a Bachelor  of Business Administration and and Master of Logistics and Supply Chain by NUIC and School of Logistics and Supply Chain.  

NUIC is charged with the responsibility of providing effective management and administration of international programs at the undergraduate level at Naresuan University.

•In 2002, a Bachelor of Laws program was offered.
•In 2003, a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Tourism and Hospitality Management was instituted.
•In 2004, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Nursing Science (in cooperation with the Faculty of Nursing) were offered.
•In 2009, a Bachelor of Arts in English for Business Communications was initiated.
•In 2013, a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Management  was offered.

Motto of NUIC

Educating  for a changing world

Philosophy of NUIC

To provide international education.

Aspiration of NUIC

Committed to provide an International standard of education to produce graduates with academic knowledge and 21st Century Skills

Vision of NUIC

The college that provides undergraduate programs in order to produce graduates with academic knowledge and 21st Century Skills and be recognized in ASEAN.

Missions of NUIC

1.Producing graduates with academic and 21st century skills who are able to work effectively in international environment

2.Producing researches which reach the national and international standard

3.Providing academic services that are essential for communities

4.Raise awareness and acknowledge Thai and international cultures

5.Encourage the good governance principle

Statement of Values

7 Statement of Values,  Naresuan University International College

NUIC is committed to teaching practices that are both engaging and challenging to the learners

NUIC supports a learner-centered view of teaching. The instructor should develop an understanding of the perspectives and abilities of the learner. Teachers must have the knowledge, skills and confidence to adapt and develop curricula to meet the specific needs of the learner.

NUIC places a high value on collegial interaction and collaborative development among faculty, students, support staff and teaching colleagues. Emphasis is placed on the professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities of a teacher.

NUIC believes that educators should participate actively in reflective practice in order to develop a new understanding of and skill in teaching. Reflective practice, guided by the principles of self-directed learning and self-evaluation, is believed to be the foundation of continuous professional growth.

NUIC believes that teaching is an interactive problem-solving and decision-making process, a dynamic process involving critical thinking through which the learner develops knowledge with understanding.

NUIC believes that there must be a clearly defined connection between theory (academic disciplines and educational theory) and practice (methods for achieving educational ends in context). Responsible educators continuously strive to adapt theory to support meaningful learning.

NUIC places a high value on life long learning, curiosity, the love of knowledge and critical thought. Knowledge and skill in pedagogy must be connected with the academic disciplines.

Our College Seal


Compromise for unity or Splendor from bravery.(Purple comes from the mixture of blue and red)


Pride and prosperity


Purity and humanity

Purple Gold White

Splendid human relationship endowed with magnanimity; and bravery filled with humanitarianism leading to proud accomplishments.