NUIC Students Join the “Cheer Room” Closing Ceremony

NUIC Students Join the “Cheer Room” Closing Ceremony On the conclusion of the “Cheer Room” activity for freshmen students, NUIC students presented their reflection on the event on October 6, 2019 at Ekatodsarot Building, NU. “Cheer Room” is an activity designed to help freshmen students adjust and cope to university life. On the closing ceremony, students’ leaders from each faculty of NU presented their reflection, which include sharing of useful experiences and problem solving while doing the activities. The Director of NUIC, Dr. Supichaya Meesad together with the Deputy Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Aj. Rachatawan Limkanchanapa attended the closing ceremony. It was a good opportunity for NU students to share their experiences, learn from those and plan for the next year’s activities. A competition was also held and NUIC was so proud that its students’ representatives received 1st runner up in their presentation.  

4 NUIC Students Qualify to the Prestigious OR Seeding the Future ASEAN Camp 2019

4 NUIC Students Qualify to the Prestigious OR Seeding the Future ASEAN Camp 2019 Big congratulations to the four NUIC students who qualified to the PTTOR Seeding the Future Camp 2019! Out of hundreds of applicants from five ASEAN countries (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines), four (4) NUIC students were among the best ambassadors selected in one of the most prestigious camps in the country. PTTOR believes in the potential of ASEAN youth, hence they organized the program in order to shape a sustainable future. The idea of the camp is that they are selecting the best “seeds” (ambassadors from different ASEAN universities) who will eventually become “trees” in the future. The four talented and lucky NUIC ambassadors are: Miss Phoungeune Sounthala, Miss Ingyin Hmwe, Mr. Pitiwat and Miss Thanaporn Boonwutiwiwat. The camp will be on November 3 – 9, 2019 which will be held in Bangkok. On this firth year, the theme of the camp is “Digital Aspiration.” The OR Camp has been going for 5 years and NUIC students have been selected for five years in a row. We’re wishing our students and all the ambassadors the best of luck. To our NUIC students, we’re very proud of you!


  In preparation for using the ASEAN University Quality Assurance (AUN-QA), the NUIC held a knowledge management on the overall background of AUN-QA. The transition of using the quality assurance will take place in 2020. The guest speaker for the session was Aj.Parintira Tanawong, Assistant to the Director. The KM was held on the 3rd of October 2019 at the 2nd floor meeting room, 1.30pm. This project aimed to give an overview of how to implement AUNQA in curriculum level which all faculty members have to follow to improve the standard of the teaching in NUIC. The KM was attended by lecturers of the College. It is a big step on the part of NUIC in order to assure its quality.  

The Legend Of Pee Mak

    English Conversation and Discussion performed their second play today, a romance comedy with a flare of terror in which students wrote a thrilling adaptation of a popular Thai movie. Thank you everyone who attended for your support!    

English Conversation and Discussion

“English Conversation and Discussion” performed their comedy drama where all students helped write, direct, and produce all of this play with original ideas. It shows how great students can be when Student-Centered Learning is part of the curriculum.This drama was held on the 1st of October 2019 at NUIC 309.  

NUIC Director commemorated in Prince Mahidol day

  Dr. Supichaya Meesad, NUIC Director, commemorated the passing of Prince Mahidol on 24th September 2019 at H.R.H. Prince Mahidol and Somdej (Princess) Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani statues in Naresuan University Hospital. In the remembrance of Prince Mahidol the “Father of Thai modern medicine and public health in Thailand” NUIC staff altogether with NU staff joined the commemorated ceremony.  

International Business Management ~ Cultural Preservation Project “Sukhothai Historical Park and Ramkhamhaeng National Museum”

  On August 23, 2019 Dr. Supichaya Meesad and Ms. Ms. Jutamas Aumtes together with the 2nd year International Business Management students visited Sukhothai Historical Park and Ramkhamhaeng National Museum. This field trip was a part of IBM Thai Cultural Preservation project. The historical park and museum have different types of cultural heritages such as antiques and artifacts as well as inherit Thai cultural, traditional, and lifestyle custom. Moreover, Ramkhamhaeng National Museum also shows exhibition related to original Thai alphabets and characters, which were the origins of the Thai language. By understanding the root of the language and culture, the students would be able to appreciate more of culture and recognize the value of Thai lifestyle and culture in the past. Therefore, the students should be able to gain more knowledge and be able to apply their understanding of intercultural communication. In addition, the students were asked to make VDOs presentations and present in the class to represent their knowledge and understanding regarding the purpose of this project. Here are the two best VDOs that have highest scores from the evaluation of the lecturers and their classmates. Group 1: Members: Miss NUTTAYA BOONKONGMA Miss PENPICHA PHUMPRACHIAN Miss WASUKAN YODPAN MR. KEVIN LUEDECKE Ms. ASIA PETERS Group 5: Members: Miss KAMMALANON PHAIPHARD Miss KAMJIRA KHAMPANANG Miss NAPATSORN PENGSRI Miss SUPAWAN SIRIWAT Miss SUCHADA THAMLAIAT  

NU Students, Grand Winners in Line Hack 2019

Big congratulations, NU students! NUIC students , Miss Vissuta Niyomtham and Miss Phoungeune Sounthala from English for Business Communication major, together with the students from the Faculty of Science under the supervision of talented coaches Dr. Anthony Harfield and Mr. Chon Neville won 100,000 Baht prize in Line Hack 2019 competition held at Gaysorn Tower, Bangkok. This project was held to use LINE API to enhance businesses and create an impact to both buyers and sellers for general public category. NU students created an application dedicated for pets, such as dogs and cats. Unlike last year, undergraduate students were invited to join to the innovate cool service prototype for LINE users. We’re truly proud of you!

Japanese Cultural Exchange Activities

NUIC held Japanese Cultural Exchange Activities on the 11th of September 2019, 5-6pm at NUIC 309 to share Japanese cultures to 40 NUIC students. In this event, Miyu Kotera and Ryokan Miyazawa introduced a basic Japanese conversation as well as Japanese traditional games e.g. origami, takettombo(bamboo copter) etc. Our students had so much fun learning and enjoying Japanese culture.